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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Beta Reviews


Last weekend, gamers plunged into the Modern Warfare III PlayStation beta, only to discover a rather underwhelming experience. Adapting to a new game after a year of Modern Warfare II was challenging, and the transition from a trusty PC to the next-gen PS5 further exacerbated the situation. Even with the familiarity of a mouse and keyboard, the game felt like an entirely different beast on the PS5 compared to the PC.

Significant improvements and alterations have taken place. Nevertheless, it’s evident that there’s still much ground to cover for Sledgehammer Games and the other studios involved in shaping this gaming masterpiece.

This article will delve into the evolving landscape of Modern Warfare III Beta Reviews, exploring what works seamlessly and where there’s still room for improvement.

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Modern Warfare III Beta Reviews | 12 Final Thoughts

1. Gameplay and TTK (Time to Kill)

While Activision has focused on changing its game’s mechanics, players have pointed out significant issues during the beta throughout the weeks – specifically, its fast-paced nature and swift TTK. While the gameplay is enjoyable, players believe some adjustments may be necessary to balance the game. The breakneck speed of engagements can make even a single shot feel like a death sentence, particularly when facing multiple opponents in confined maps.

2. Price point and Graphics

When facing the price whether that be Steam or console disks, players have raised concerns about the game’s price point, deeming it steep. They assert that the graphics have not seen substantial improvement, if any, and the gameplay feels somewhat repetitive, harking back to a game they’ve already experienced years ago. This player questions whether the game offers $90 worth of improvement over its predecessors.

3. Tac-Stance and Movement

Players have reacted with mixed feelings to the introduction of the Tac-Stance. While they acknowledge it as a cool addition to the classic slide mechanic, they view it as a feature primarily useful during a slide. Some players are concerned that the game might be placing too much emphasis on sliding as a movement mechanic. They express a preference for a more defensive approach, where strafing and other forms of movement take center stage during gunfights.

4. Attachments and Balance

Players praise the game’s attachment system for its improved balance and ease of use. Players commend the fact that it is now more accessible for less experienced players to create a viable weapon, as attachments no longer come with significant penalties. This has led to more versatility and the reemergence of beloved attachments, such as Silencers and No Stock, in multiplayer.

5. Spawns and Map Flow

Unfortunately, players pan the spawn system as “horrible” and disruptive to the flow of the maps. They highlight the detrimental impact on gameplay due to spawns that appear to place enemies haphazardly. It’s clear that spawn adjustments are essential for a significantly improved experience.

6. Streaks and Movement Speed

Players are calling for a change in how they manage streaks, expressing a desire to do away with the streak wheel interface. Instead, players express the hope for a more streamlined selection system, akin to the D-Pad functionality found in previous titles. Additionally, players express a desire for a more consistent coupling of strafe speeds and shooting move speeds to enhance the game’s mobility and weapon dynamics.

7. Vest/Perk System

The vest and perk system receives criticism for its lack of flexibility and player choice. Players express dissatisfaction with not being able to configure their loadout as they see fit. The preset configurations imposed by the game have left players feeling restricted in their choices, and some find it frustrating to have certain perks tied to specific vests.

8. EOD and TacMask | A Tradeoff Dilemma

A recurring sentiment among players is the desire to see the EOD and TacMask perks combined into a single option. It’s a valid concern, given that players aren’t required to make tradeoffs when it comes to equipping both lethal and tactical items. As some players actively disrupt lobbies by incessantly spamming these items, the call for a unified perk that provides resistance against both types of threats appears to be a practical and player-friendly solution.

9. Snipers and Flinch

The beta has prompted discussions about the balance of snipers and flinch mechanics. Some players express concerns that snipers may not exhibit enough flinch when under fire. While it shouldn’t be overly difficult to hit a shot during a firefight, it also shouldn’t be too easy. The fear is that it might resemble situations in a previous title, where enemy snipers remained seemingly undeterred by a hail of bullets. Striking the right balance here is crucial for an enjoyable gameplay experience.

10. Visibility Improvements

One aspect of the game that seems to have earned general approval is improved visibility. Players note that they encountered fewer situations where they struggled to spot enemies who were shooting at them. The presence of muzzle smoke and visual recoil is acknowledged, but it’s reported to be considerably less obtrusive. While the graphics may not meet every player’s high expectations, these visibility improvements are certainly welcome and enhance the overall experience.

11. User Interface: A Mixed Bug

While the game has taken strides in various aspects, the user interface (UI) seems to be a point of contention. Some players are disappointed with what they perceive as clunky, inefficient screen space utilization, and unnecessary button presses. The beta experience appears to have brought to light issues reminiscent of a previous installment, MW2. It remains to be seen whether these UI concerns will be addressed or remain a sticking point for players.

12. SBMM

No discussion about a contemporary online game would be complete without a nod to Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM). The sentiment is clear – many players find it to be a less-than-ideal system. However, it’s important to note that SBMM remains a polarizing topic, with some players advocating for its presence and others vehemently opposing it. The discussion surrounding SBMM is one that will likely persist, reflecting the diverse preferences and playstyles of the player base.

What’s Next?

The early reviews of the upcoming game reveal a mix of positive and negative feedback, with some aspects of the game highly praised and clear concerns that need addressing before the game’s official release on November 10, 2023.

As the release date approaches, these early reviews and insights provide both players and developers with a valuable roadmap for refining the game further. The beta has served as a testing ground, offering an opportunity to fine-tune gameplay elements, address UI concerns, and make adjustments to meet player expectations.

With the collective input from beta testers, the development team has the chance to deliver a final product that appeals to a broad audience while addressing the concerns raised by the gaming community. Come November 10, 2023, players will have the opportunity to see how the game evolves and whether these early reviews have influenced its final form.

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