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Bitget Wallet And Chiliz Partner Up To Integrate Support For Chiliz Chain


Bitget Wallet And Chiliz Partner Up To Integrate Support For Chiliz Chain

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Bitget Wallet, a Web3 trading wallet, and Chiliz are excited to announce their partnership to see the integration of the layer 1 blockchain Chiliz Chain.

The integration will allow Bitget Wallet users to add the Chiliz mainnet to their app, send, receive, and manage tokens, including CHZ, Chiliz’s native token. Through the Bitget Wallet DApp browser, users can explore various SportFi ecosystem applications built on Chiliz.  There are over 20k DApps to explore, including FanFest, LiveLike, Blockasset, Tickie, FanFest, and more. 

Notably, through the partnership, the two also plan to host major events for their joint ecosystem. These events reportedly aim to deliver exclusive benefits for WEB3 sports aficionados worldwide.

Formerly known as BitKeep Wallet, Bitget is the leading wallet in Asia with the mission of making the Web3 world more accessible. The wallet transformed earlier this year after Bitget, a leading crypto derivative trading platform, acquired it for a substantial $30 million investment. Now, the wallet offers a comprehensive range of on-chain products and DeFi services, including swap features, wallet functionality, DApp browsing, NFT trading, and more. Recently, Bitget Wallet launched a “keyless” MPC (Multi-Party Computation) Wallet to provide more secure and user-friendly Web3 wallet services.

Launched in 2018, Bitget Wallet has garnered acclaim from over 12 million users across the globe. The wallet has formed strategic partnerships with prominent industry leaders, including Arbitrum, BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon.

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Founded in 2018, Chiliz is the leading blockchain provider for sports & entertainment and the creator of Fan Tokens, digital assets that provide over 170 major sporting organizations with new opportunities to connect and reward their global ecosystem.

Chiliz aims at building the Web3 infrastructure for sports and entertainment using the Chiliz Chain that allows developers and users to build Web3 product ad experiences that bring them together. In 2023, Chiliz opened up its ecosystem to the launch of Chiliz Chain. Chiliz Chain was created to help lead the adoption of blockchain technology across sports and entertainment, with brands invited to build NFTs, Fan Tokens, and other digital assets with all fees paid in Chiliz native token $CHZ.


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