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Bitgert Coin Price Explosion: Upward Trajectory Expected This Month | Live Bitcoin News


It’s been a hectic year for the crypto market, and so far, 2024 has been better than last year. March was particularly a great month for Bitcoin and many altcoins. Bitcoin’s price uptrend took it to a new peak, with the coin taking the entire market along on a bullish ride.

However, April could have been better. Bitcoin dropped the ball, and as usual, other altcoins followed suit. However, with the widely anticipated Bitcoin halving now over, altcoins are bracing for positive price movements, and experts feel this could be the month when the market begins a rally.

One altcoin that could experience a price explosion is the Bitgert Coin. This article examines the Bitgert Coin (BRISE) and its upward trajectory.

Bitgert Coin: From the Beginning

A glance at Bitgert Coin’s history suggests consistent growth. The Bitgert Coin launched in 2021, and it has since impressed with its price trajectory. Right now, the Bitgert Coin (BRISE) has risen by 40,000%.

Also, experts have marked Bitgert Coin’s strong resolve as a huge advantage on the project. During the market-wide price decline towards the end of March, when most altcoins and even Bitcoin suffered setbacks, the Bitgert Coin (BRISE) stood firm in the profit zone, returning around 70% of monthly profits to its coin holders.

Bitgert Coin’s firm resolve underscores how viable the project is and gives credence to experts’ bullish prediction on its price trajectory.

Bitgert Blockchain Gaining Strength

As the native token, Bitgert Coin’s (BRISE) biggest utility is on the Bitgert blockchain, and with the chain gaining wide acceptance lately, the Bitgert Coin might primed for wide adoption too.

The Bitgert blockchain has been able to get developers on board to build new projects on its network. The Bitgert blockchain hosts a number of projects like Planet Hares, Footprint Analytics, and many others in its ecosystem.

Apparently, these projects and other upcoming ones are drawn to the Bitgert blockchain’s speed, reliability, and user experience. At 100,000 transactions per second and having processed more than 25 million transactions since the project was built, the Bitgert blockchain offers its users one of the fastest transaction experiences in the Defi industry–faster than Solana and Injective blockchains.

Even More Gains From Staking the Bitgert Coin

Bitgert Coin is backed by a vibrant community of its coin holders. These over 600,000 Bitgert Coin holders earn 6% on their portfolio monthly when they stake in the Bitgert project.

Experts have particularly identified this staking feature as the best fit for newbie investors as it does not require any special knowledge about trading. All they have to do is buy the Bitgert Coin (BRISE) and hodl.

While experts continue to tip the Bitgert Coin for an upward trajectory this month, the popular watchword in the crypto market is to always DYOR. Read more about Bitgert here.

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