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Bitcoin Jumps Amid Talks Between Ukraine and Russia


Bitcoin Jumps Amid Talks Between Ukraine and Russia Blockchain, News PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence | Vertical Search AI

Bitcoin spiked to above $41,000 today following a phone call between the French president Emmanuel Macron and Russia’s Vladimir Putin amid talks between Ukraine and Russia.

Macron asked the Russian president to halt all strikes and attacks against civilians and places of residences, preserve civil infrastructure and secure main roads.

Putin confirmed his willingness to commit to those requests, the French statement said.

The Russian statement then went on to say “the Russian president drew special attention to the fact that the Russian armed forces do not endanger civilians and carry out no strikes against civilian facilities,” despite footages of missiles hitting high rise apartments in Kyiv beamed to the whole world.

In addition “Vladimir Putin stressed that this settlement is possible only with unconditional respect for the legitimate interests of Russia on the security track, including the recognition of the Russian sovereignty over Crimea, the settlement of the tasks of demilitarization and denazification of the Ukrainian state and ensuring its neutral status.”

Russia has never clarified what they mean by denazification considering Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky is jewish and had some of his family holocausted by the nazis.

Considering it’s a war situation and Americans say Russia has a list, we take ‘denazification’ to be a codeword for the elimination of the cream of the Ukrainian society.

Meanwhile talks between Ukraine and Russia have just ended in Belarus near the border with Ukraine, the first since the war began on Thursday.

Their outcome is not fully clear, but going by Putin’s statement it sounds like negotiations have some way to go, with the request for demilitarization and denazification, whatever they mean, probably being a no go, while on Crimea Ukrainian officials have stated they won’t give an inch of their territory, though what they do decide is to be seen.

Ukrainian and Russian negotiators will now return to their capital cities after the discussions for consultation ahead of a second round of talks, which could take place in the coming days, the Reuters news agency cites Belarus’ Belta news as saying.

Making it sound a bit like the same ruse as prior to the war where Putin himself kept saying they won’t invade to then launch a full scale invasion, unless it’s shown otherwise by action, with this conveniently occurring while the very rare UN General Assembly on-going gathering is set to condemn Russia.

Meanwhile Zelensky has filed the application to join EU as was requested, with the European Union potentially to consider now whether to give them accession under emergency procedures.

In which case, Ukraine would become an institutional EU matter, including its defense, with many wondering just how long will Europe keep watching as the above negotiations are followed within minutes by this:

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