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Bitcoin Enters Pop Culture, Features on Latest Futurama Episode


  • Bitcoin (BTC) gets a special mention in the popular adult comedy series Futurama.
  • Futurama is a show that was revived almost 20 years after its last episode.
  • Its latest episode talks about a BTC pump after FUD, Bitcoin has officially entered Pop culture.

Bitcoin enters Pop culture with its latest cameo. In detail, the pioneer cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC) gets an exciting mention in one of the greatest adult animation comedy shows to ever exist – Futurama.

In detail, the cameo in the latest episode of Futurama has one of the main characters mention Bitcoin. Specifically, the character says he’s in trouble because he bought Bitcoin when it was pumping and sold at a huge loss when it crashed.

Futurama is known for its satirical comedy that teases at the silliness that is humanity’s desperation and undeniable need to be understood. In other words, it is a show that truly reaches the hearts of its audience. 

Thus, the fact that Bitcoin (BTC) has got its own cameo in Futurama means that not only has the asset gone mainstream, but it has gone beyond a niche audience. In fact, the dialogue that goes along with its cameo also shows that the asset is more than accepted as part of our journey on this planet. 

For instance, the dialogue mentioned above talks about the experience of those who trade due to FUD and FOMO. Most traders and investors buy high and sell low and then lament about their misfortune. 

In contrast, true traders always recommend buying low and selling high. This is a sublime story embodied within the characters of Futurama. These lovable characters are in a pursuit of riches but fail to DYOR. Thus, the comment about Bitcoin in this episode is perfection itself. 

Following that dialogue, the episode goes on to say that the price of Bitcoin is pumping again. The next line says, “The virtual money is soaring once again, leading to a high tech gold rush”. Is this a tease at the current crypto market?

If we look closely at the charts the last bull run had many buying high and selling low leading to a long bearish crypto winter. Presently, long-time Bitcoin believers are preaching accumulating BTC like they have been throughout the crypto winter. 

Moreover, many crypto and Bitcoin analysts predict a bull run for Bitcoin and the crypto market is just around the corner. To elaborate, most say it is inevitable due to Bitcoin cycles repeating themselves. Thus, it seems like even Futurama is saying to prepare for the Bitcoin halving as the price of Bitcoin will rise again.

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