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This episode will look into the potential scenarios of bitcoin price movement after the bitcoin halving.

Republished by Plato



This episode will look into the potential scenarios of bitcoin price movement after the halving. Will this dump start a reversal of the BTC price and we will see new lows or this was just a short squeeze and the price will hit the moon after the halving!  

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Bitcoin is being dumped right before the bitcoin halving

Hello, guys. This is Wunderbit Trading and we are carrying on with our weekly Bitcoin and Ethereum price analysis. Let’s go straight into the content because the dump that happened during the weekend is all we’re caring about right now. So, as usual, in front of you, you can see four different charts and they are all related to Bitcoin. The one on the top left is the BTC futures, the one on the top right is the BTC dominance and the two at the bottom price for BTC/USD from different exchanges, Bitstamp and Binance.

So let’s start from the weekly overview, which you can currently see in front of you. And you can clearly see that on the spot market, we can see a dodgy candle appearing after the Sunday crash in terms of the cryptocurrencies. You can see that the volume spiked as well, obviously, because the crash happened during the weekend, we can see on the weekly that there is a small gap. However, if we go to daily candlesticks, you can see that this gap is much larger. It is almost 10 percent if we think about this.

And the price dropped and actually stopped at the 200 moving average, acting as a support. So let’s switch back all our predictions from the previous reviews and start our analysis.

Bitcoin Futures Price Analysis

As usual, we’re gonna start from the BTC futures on a daily time frame. So what we can see here is that the end of the week was quite optimistic for Bitcoin futures because we saw the breakout with a nice volume, a nice solid candlestick, and this happened on the 7th of May. And this was breaking the downward channel, the volume was picking up, so everything looked quite positive in terms of the BTC futures price.

However, during the weekend, on Sunday, in particular, there was a dump of Bitcoin and the price started trading on Monday next to the level of 200 moving average which is acting right now as support. So what to expect? As usual, we know that there is a 75 percent chance that this gap is going to be closed during this week. And if it is so, then there is potentially good profit to be made here, as I mentioned earlier, around 10 percent. And at the same time, if we go to the four-hour time frame, we can see that the price is currently below 50 MA, so there would be some resistance from 50 MA and also from this downward channel as well.

That is why we need to see another spike in the volume to actually close this gap. However, looking back to the daily, what we can see is that there is a potential scenario that during this week we’ll try to accumulate more in terms of bitcoins, the price will increase, but we might face the double top scenario here. So if the price is steadily going to rise, bounce slightly and then break through the resistance of 50 MA on the four hour time frame and also the resistance of a downward channel at the daily time frame, there is still now the new local high, which we’re facing as a resistance, and we might see this scenario of double top and the price will reverse and starts its retracement back in the downward channel. So this is scenario number one. And in this scenario, we’re closing the gap during this week but at the same time, we can see that the price is facing some strong resistance.

The other scenario is that we can currently retrace back to the level of 50 percent, at least, of Fibonacci retracement. So this will be somewhere around 7500, 7300 and then reattempt to find a new higher high, so there will be a retracement towards this area. And then we might see a small area of accumulation and only afterwards try to break it through. So this is the other potential scenario that we’re currently facing. It will depend on the bisection of today and tomorrow.

Currently, we don’t see any huge activity whatsoever. So the price is staying around the same area. Even if we go to the one-hour time frame, we’re still in a flat scenario where we would not be able to justify whether we go in further in terms of the retracement or we’re trying to fulfil the gap immediately.

Bitcoin Dominance

So let’s look at the BTC dominance and once again, we’re going to start from the weekly time frame. The most important thing here is that it went in accordance with our predictions, so we went to form the double bottom over here. The BTC dominance smashed through the 200-day moving average as resistance with a nice solid candle. It carried on the 4th of May, so the second week in a row to go above the 50 MA as well.

So it seems like the BTC dominance will carry on increasing in the long term if our long term upward channel will be holding. What to expect here is that we would see some areas of resistance and obviously the previous high, so this is where we should expect to see some resistance for the dominance growth.

At the same time, we might see the retracement right now to check the 50 MA as support and start the upward movement in the BTC dominance from this area. So we should expect to see the BTC dominance decreasing to 66.3 and only then trying to carry on with the upward movement.

Bitstamp Bitcoin Price Analysis

So let me now look at the Bitstamp exchange and the long term scenario for the BTC. We’ll start from the weekly time frame. Currently, the price did not reach the strong resistance level, strong resistance trend which is coming from the peak of 2018 prices. And during the weekend, because of a dump, the dodgy candle was formed, so it showed indecisiveness of the market at this particular level.

The good point is that the candle closed right at the level of 50 MA as a support for the weekly time frame. So now it depends quite a lot on whether the price will carry on the retracement or the bulls will try to hold this ground and then try to actually go towards this level of resistance, which has come from the downward trend from the 2018 peaks. So let’s go to the daily time frame. What we can see here that during this dump on Sunday, the price touched the 200 MA acting as a support. Currently, there is not much going on in terms of the actual movement. It seems like everyone is currently waiting, whether another big move will be in either of the directions. But at the same time, there are a couple of important things that I wanted to share with you.

First of all, the volume during this downward movement, and it seems like we are coming to the same levels of this bottom and this accumulation. So if they are similar, we may assume that this is the face of redistribution which is starting right now. So it seems like the positions which were bought during this dump in March, they’re currently closing. At the same time what we should expect from this phase is that we might end up in a horizontal channel, which will be from these bigs to these bottoms, where the price will hold for some time. We might see some resistance when the price will come towards the area of 10000 but the most important level would be 10500, so somewhere in between those two levels, we should expect some strong resistance and, obviously, the big volumes coming in due to the redistribution of positions.

So the long term predictions currently are that we might see the horizontal movement of Bitcoin in between those prices for some time. This first movement, an upward movement, will go in accordance with the closing of the gaps on the BTC futures. So this is one thing in favour of the upward movement in the short term trend this week. The other scenario which is possible is obviously the retracement that we should keep in mind. So if we are talking about the retracement of the overall upward movement that we saw from March, then the rough estimation would be the proper retracement of 50 percent will end up in the region of 7000 dollars for the BTC. However, going for that, we need to break the 200 MA, the 50 MA, which both are acting as support right now. Based on the RSI, we can see that it is now recharging, so that is in support with the short term retracement.

Binance Bitcoin Price Analysis

However, let’s go to Binance and look at the short term time frame, so starting from four hours, what we can see here is obviously the very sharp decrease in the price of Bitcoin starting from the 8th of May, so during the weekends, we saw this dump which broke the 50 MA, and it’s now acting as a resistance. At the same time, if you go to the hourly time frame, not much is actually happening right now. We can see the slight divergence on the one-hour time frame so the price was decreasing while the RSI was increasing, however, we can still see that we’re currently stuck in that channel, and the breakout of this channel will determine whether, in the short term, the price will go up or go down. So currently we are just monitoring the situation.

There is probably the link with the bitcoin halving, which is going to happen quite soon, and that is why the market is currently very quiet and indecisive. So the market is waiting for someone from the big movers to make their first move.

Binance: Ethereum Price Analysis

Okay, let’s go to Ethereum right now. And as usual, in front of you, you can see the Ethereum uses the T price chart from Binance. And we’re looking at the weekly time frame. So I will switch all our predictions from the previous reviews off and we’ll see what actually was happening during the previous week.

So, once again, we saw a very nice and steady increase in the price of Ethereum going consecutively up for five weeks in a row. However, the previous week, due to the weekend dump closed below the 50 MA, the volume was as good as the previous week, so we can see that the Ethereum is trading quite nicely in terms of the volume. Let’s look at the daily scenario and at the same time we’ll switch back our predictions from the previous reviews. First things first, there was a bit of accumulation in this area as we determined last time. We saw that the price went here twice, so that was the first shadow and this was the second week that touched this accumulation zone based on the volume. And then we saw a nice increase and a nice spike, however, the price could not move any higher. So if you entered the position here, this would be a nice area to actually close it. And on a more local time frame, you could have actually seen this. So we broke the 50 MA with a nice volume and nice candle, so we were expecting in the price to go higher, however, we saw a very tight resistance, so you can see that the price is struggling quite a lot to go through. And on this second attempt, in particular, that would have been a good point to determine that the price is not going any higher and to exit the position.

So this would mean that you would get a profit of around 7 percent if you did that. Once again, what to expect here is, first of all, we broke down below the upward channel. That is quite important. So on the one hand, it looks like the trend is starting to reverse. We can see the lower high was formed so we can roughly put it like this at this particular moment. What to expect is we need to see the retracement of the drop. If we assume that we’re starting a downward channel and at the same time that the BTC dominance is actually increasing, so the less attention will be paid to altcoins, what to expect is the price can go back towards the upward channel, but if we will not be able to break the 50 MA, it will act as a resistance and we might see the beginning of the downward movement. So, this would be quite important for this week in the Ethereum price to either try to go back into the upward channel and try to break the resistance levels which formed or to start its descent and start its replacement.

The long term, if we think about the retracement, once again, we can draw the Fibonacci retracement tool and the golden pocket will be around the first accumulation zone which is between 135 and 140 US dollars. At the same time, let’s look in the history a bit, how it was actually working. So, for example, we can take the previous huge move to the bottom and you can see that the price started its reversal right at this area of the golden pocket between 61 and 65 percent of Fibonacci retracement. So, if this is something similar, which may occur, then the long-term analysis for the downward trend could be that we can see the price going back towards the area of accumulation, so between 135 and 140 ETH/USDT.

Once again, the overall conclusion that for this week, at least for Monday and Tuesday, we’ll just monitor the market will look where the price will go. We’ll see if this price can be confirmed by any large volume movements, so if we can see any large bulls or bears participating in the market to determine the direction of the further price movement. And only then we’ll make sure that we’ll follow one of the scenarios described in today’s review.

That was it for this week. Thank you very much for watching, guys. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and smash like button if you like the content. Also, subscribe to our Telegram channel to receive the daily reviews of BTC and Ethereum prices. Best of luck with your trading.



Economist: Ethereum and Bitcoin Look “Bullish” After Withstanding “Macro Beating”

Republished by Plato



Bitcoin and Ethereum are down from their recent 2021 highs, but compared to their traditional market counterparts, have shown more resilience during the recent “royal macro beating.”

Here’s why one top economist and investor says this is incredibly bullish for the two titan cryptocurrency assets.

Royal Macro Beating Can’t Take Down Bullish Bitcoin And Ethereum

This week, the stock market plunged, and precious metals saw a sharp selloff as the macro environment remains uneasy globally. Yet somehow, amidst a “royal macro beating”, Ethereum and Bitcoin have held up comparably well.

Economist and trader Alex Kruger says the resiliency is “bullish” for Bitcoin and Ethereum. The two top crypto assets have been in an uptrend for a full year now, and the recent macro jitters have been the first major bump in the road since.

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Bitcoin exploded from lows around $4,000 to $58,000 per » Read more

” href=”” data-wpel-link=”internal”>coin at the high, while Ethereum fell to under $100 and has risen to $2,000 since. The more than 10x rise, however, might be nowhere near the finish line, and holding up so well here could be the catalyst that sends the cryptocurrencies higher through the resistance level.

bitcoin and Ethereum macro beating

Ethereum and Bitcoin have held up extremely well compared to the S&P 500 and gold. | ETHUSD on

The Changing Of The Guard To Crypto Is Underway

The stock market is on thin ice, and precious metals cannot be upgraded or updated, and have limited use in the future as a store of value compared to cryptocurrencies.

The digital gold narrative has been working, and the steepness of the gold selloff above shows how effective the narrative has been. Crypto prices holding up so well while gold plummets, could send even more capital flowing out of metals and into the scarce digital asset.

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Profit-taking in the currency overheated stock market will want to follow the money, wherever the grass is greener and profits are consistent. If that place is the crypto market, the flood gates of capital could finally be coming that helps to push Bitcoin to prices of hundreds of thousands of dollars per » Read more

” href=”” data-wpel-link=”internal”>coin, and tens of thousands of dollars per Ether.

The nascent technologies are only now coming into their own as financial assets, and institutional investors have begun to recognize the shift from traditional assets, to digital ones, and the ones who have been early thus far have been the most profitable.

Will Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to hold up this well, or will they ultimately succumb to the continuing macro beating going on across markets right now?

Featured image from Deposit Photos, Charts from

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3 million active users help lift Audius (AUDIO) to a new all-time high

Republished by Plato



As blockchain technology increasingly becomes part of the mainstream conversation, its integration with today’s most used technologies is bound to increase. This means that it’s only a matter of time before video streaming, digital music and social media see gradual blockchain integrations take place. 

Audius (AUDIO) is one project that is chasing the first-mover advantage in the music streaming sector. The music-sharing and streaming protocol facilitates transactions between creators and listeners, making it relatively effortless for users to distribute and monetize audio content. 

The project has received increasing attention for its approach to decentralizing the music industry and on March 2 the team celebrated reaching 3 million monthly active users. 

Data from Cointelegraph Markets and TradingView shows that the price of AUDIO surged 108% since the start of March from a low of $0.38 to a new all-time high of $0.79 on March 4 as the altcoin’s trading volume spiked from $3 million to a record $55 million.

AUDIO/USDT 4-hour chart. Source: TradingView

Staking incentives drive user adoption

The first major increase in users followed the project’s October 2020 launch and the activation of staking on the Audius platform in December. This enabled AUDIO holders to earn a 7% yield for tokens that were staked on the network while they listening to music and interacted with the protocol.

By the end of January, the platform had 1.8 million active users and a total of 122 million AUDIO tokens staked on the network. These figures have since increased to 3 million users and a total of 182.5 million staked AUDIO as the platform continues to integrate new features that incentivize community involvement.

VORTECS™ data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro began to detect a bullish outlook for AUDIO on Feb. 28, prior to the recent price rise.

The VORTECS™ score, exclusive to Cointelegraph, is an algorithmic comparison of historic and current market conditions derived from a combination of data points including market sentiment, trading volume, recent price movements and Twitter activity.

VORTECS™ Score (green) vs. AUDIO price. Source: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

As seen in the chart above, the VORTECS™ score for AUDIO hit a peak of 69 on Feb. 28, just before the start of a prolonged uptrend in price which was further identified by a VORTECS™ score of 80 on March 1. After pulling back over the next 3 days the score again spiked to 70, just hours before a significant rise in the price of AUDIO.

On March 5, the project revealed its plans to integrate non-fungible tokens (NFT) into the protocol as part of its effort to offer a full-service decentralized platform and expand its user base.

NFTs have become a hot topic in the cryptocurrency sector in recent months, and their integration into the AUDIO platform is likely to bring a renewed wave of interaction from users.

As blockchain technology continues to become more prominent in mainstream society, Audius appears well-positioned to become a leader in the streaming music space thanks to a rapidly expanding user base and a growing list of incentives that entice users to stay active on the platform.

The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Every investment and trading move involves risk, you should conduct your own research when making a decision.

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Bybit to Cease Services for UK Citizens Following the FCA Ban on Crypto Derivatives Trading

Republished by Plato



The first consequences from the FCA ban on crypto derivatives trading in the UK are evident for the popular digital asset exchange Bybit. The company announced earlier that it will suspend its services to all customers based in the United Kingdom. 

  • Established in 2018, Bybit is a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Singapore with a reported user base of over one million registered clients. However, the firm will seize offering its services to UK-based customers, according to a recent press release
  • The statement informed that all UK users have to close all of their opened positions and withdraw all account balances by 8 AM UTC, March 31st, 2021. Following that date, UK citizens will be “restricted from accessing or performing any trading activities on Bybit.” 
  • Furthermore, the exchange will immediately restrict all new registrations using UK mobile numbers and/or IP addresses. 
  • Bybit’s decision is a direct consequence of a ban on crypto derivatives trading in the UK instituted by the country’s regulator – the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). 
  • CryptoPotato reported last year that the watchdog planned to prohibit the sale, marketing, and distribution to all retail customers of crypto derivatives and exchange-traded notes (ETNs).  
  • At the time, the FCA described such products as “ill-suited for retail customers due to the harm they pose.” It also outlined that traders are unable to determine a reliable value because of the extreme volatility in the market and inadequate understanding. 
  • Interestingly, though, even the UK population couldn’t stop the FCA from implementing the ban as a survey compiled by the watchdog suggested that over 97% disagreed with the decision. 
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