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Binance App Review for iOS (iPhone) or Android – Download, Install and Use

In this article, we provide traders a detailed review of the Binance app for iPhone and Android. We compare app extensions in terms of their design, trade functions, and download/install processes. Additionally, we provide the pros and cons of using apps and how well they perform in comparison with the main Binance platform. In case […]

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In this article, we provide traders a detailed review of the Binance app for iPhone and Android. We compare app extensions in terms of their design, trade functions, and download/install processes. Additionally, we provide the pros and cons of using apps and how well they perform in comparison with the main Binance platform.

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Does Binance have an app for iPhone and Android?

Yes, however, there are some differences as we will describe in this article.

Step-by-step Guide: How do I trade with the Binance app?

The installation process differs between iOS and Android users that wish to trade with the Binance App. As such, Android owners will find it much easier to install the app, as you shall see from our step-by-step guide below.

1. Installation Process

If you happen to have an Android, just go to Google Play and download/install the app directly.

However, iOS users should first locate the page where installation can commence. You can do so through this link, using a QR code scanner on your phone, as seen below.

Review Binance IOS and Android App: Download and Trade

Then, simply tap
“Install” to start the installation process. This is where it starts to get
even more interesting. App Store does not hold the Binance app anymore, so you
will need to remove barriers for the app. You do so by going to “Settings,”
then “General,’ and finally to the “Device Management” tab.

You will see the owner “mauna, ooo” and you need to tap “Trust” for the app to work, as seen below.

Review Binance IOS and Android App: Download and trade

Do not worry, as the Reddit community verified that name already.

2. Login

Binance app login is very much the same as with website registration. Users have the option to turn on Google Authenticator as an additional layer of security. If you already installed the 2FA but then bought a new phone, you may want to check out our guide on how to reset the Google Authenticator.

3. Choose trading pair

As with any other trading platform, you get to choose a trading pair. In our example, it is NULS/BNB. However, there are tons of other options for you to choose from, including BTC, LTC, ETH, and many other pairings.

4. Select the type of order

Binance app
offers two main types of order, buy (long) or sell (short). In addition, you
have three functions:

  • Limit Order (traders set the price for the order)
  • Market Order (current price in the market)
  • Stop-limit (a stop-loss function)

5. Press BUY to execute the order.

As seen from the snapshot below, all you are left to do is to tap “Buy” for a position to go live. Once you feel you have obtained an acceptable level of profit (or loss), tap “Close” to liquidate the position.

Review Binance IOS and Android App: Download and Trade

Review: Binance app for iPhone and Android:

How to use the Binance app?

As you saw
in the previous screen, there are 5 different tabs at the bottom:

•  Home
(Here are your account’s balance, prices for cryptos, and volumes traded

•  Markets
(Here you can find live changes to coins’ values in combination with the main
pair – BTC, BNB, ALTS, and USD)

•  Trade
(Here is the trade form where you can create and close positions)

•  Funds
(Here is your online wallet where you can check out your balance)

•  Account
(Here you will find your account information, settings, support, and chat

 In the top menu, you will find Order History
which provides information on all of your previous positions.

Trading features: Binance App vs Binance Desktop?

Thinking in terms of Binance App vs Binance
Desktop, there is very little difference between the two. Functions are
practically the same fort both Binance app and desktop extensions. However,
design matters quite a lot for bitcoin traders, especially for starters. There
are two main functions that the phone app has for both beginners and experts:

The Binance app has several differences from the online or desktop versions.

  • Design is very simplified
  • Lack of extensive charting

Binance app is geared more for a fast
market response whereas desktop allows traders to employ full chart investigation.

Binance app for iPhone vs Android App

During our comparative analysis of the Binance app for the iPhone vs Android app, it is evident that not much can separate the two. Both offer the same trading functions, including limit orders and basic chart analysis. Additionally, all coins are there and US traders cannot use either of them. The company is in the midst of a new exchange creation for US customers. Thus, we might see the corresponding app coming along with the new trading platform as well.

The only major difference is the fact that you can download the Android app directly from Google Play. iOS users would need to go through the Binance website instead since the company withdrew from the Apple store.

Review Binance app for iPhone and Android App: Binance App Pros and Cons

Here are summarized Binance app for iPhone and Android pros and cons that you, as a trader, should know about before you download it:


– fast trading decisions & analysis

– instant access to altcoin markets

– convenient when away from the computer


– iOS users cannot download the app from the
Apple Store

– limited charts and charting tools

– not convenient for large trades and deep
market analysis

Overall, both extensions share the pros and
cons, as there is not much difference between them. They are meant for short
trading analysis and smaller transactions. Experienced traders might find these
useful since they already possess enough knowledge to conduct scalping trading.
On the other side, we recommend trading starters to keep crypto trading small
in value.


In this Review Binance IOS, we provide a detailed analysis of the Binance iOS and Android app. As a conclusion, there is not much difference between apps and the main Binance platform in terms of trading functions. However, it is limited in chart designs. Thus, it is recommended for traders to use it mostly for quick market checkups and/or for small-sized trades.

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A Face Too Sexy For Social Media



Fullmetal Magdalene

Being a 90s kid I don’t remember a time where female sexual empowerment wasn’t a hot topic. When Madonna kissed both Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera in their 2003 VMA performance people were shocked to see such behavior on TV. Fast forward to today where WAP has over 400 million views on YouTube with no age restriction on the video, photos and videos of scantily clad women flood all social media platforms, and popular streaming service Netflix hosts Cuties, a film featuring what some critics describe as ‘soft core porn’ involving girls at the young age of eleven.

As a female artist who explores my own relationship to feminine sexual energy in my works, I began posting my art to my social media accounts with no concern that any of them would be viewed as obscene or breaking community guidelines. None of the women in my pieces are engaged in sexual acts and they were created with the intent of exploring the female experience rather than as visual aids for sexual gratification. In fact, I have been met with criticism from viewers that my work is not sexually explicit enough for their liking.

My current NFT art series titled ‘Crypto Sluts’ plays with tongue-in-cheek sexual innuendo but is some of my most demure work. Each piece in the series features a portrait of a beautiful woman, face flushed and eyes rolled back in ecstasy, with a round item on her tongue sporting her favorite Cryptocurrency’s logo. ‘Crypto Slut’ is a self descriptive term I use for myself as I am not a maximalist for any crypto project but rather I prefer to experiment with them all. The collection itself is a representation of the passion I have witnessed the crypto community showing for their favorite projects, so Crypto Sluts felt like a perfect title. Innuendo aside, each piece shows absolutely no sexual activity nor adult theme. It’s drawn leaving interpretation completely up to the viewer, including what that round item on her tongue might be.

When the art reveal video for my Bitcoin Slut caught some traction on YouTube it was met with a near 50/50 like to dislike ratio and the comments were ‘WTF?’, ‘Why…’, and ‘I am utterly disgusted’. Unexpected but not terrible. Twitter flagged multiple posts of mine for using the word ‘Slut’ but I was able to resolve that. The most shocking was what happened on TikTok. TikTok is a platform where videos of girls under the age of 18 twerking in crop tops and booty shorts, strippers in the club dancing on stage, and women discussing working as Sugar Babies have hundreds of thousands of views. Artwork from my Crypto Sluts collection was flagged as ‘Adult Sexual Content’ so many times on TikTok that I was eventually restricted from posting. Each time my work was flagged I appealed and each time the team said that after review my posts were found to have in fact broken the platform rules of no adult sexual activity and were permanently removed. Compare this to Minds, a platform that requires users to flag NSFW content or face a channel strike. Not only am I not required to flag my Crypto Sluts as NSFW, but they are eligible for promotion across the site (Minds does not allow promotion of NSFW material and all promotions are reviewed by the platform).

I’ve experienced inconsistent censorship of my art before this, but this is the most perplexing circumstance. This and previous instances have created blurred lines of what is too sexy for social media and leaves me confused. Whereas I started publishing my work believing it would be met with general platform acceptance when compared to the content already being hosted, I now lack confidence in my ability to continue to share my art on social media with out fear of losing my entire account.

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Post-Bitcoin’s Mild Drop, El Salvador’s Bukele Reveals Excitement For A Larger Bitcoin Dip



Why Bitcoin Is Unlikely To Ever Experience Another March-Like 50% Price Drop

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Key Takeaways 

  • President Nayib Bukele is unfazed by Bitcoin’s price dip to $60k.
  • Bukele teases need for lower lows in a bid to tap into perfect entry point. 
  • El Salvador shows no sign of disposing its Bitcoin holdings in the long term.

The president of El Salvador is showing himself to be unshaken by Bitcoin’s price volatility. President Nayib Bukele is beginning to adopt the culture of calmness that many Bitcoin proponents have shown over the years when the market is hindered by a price drop.

In a recent tweet, the President is seen asking his followers whether to buy the dip or not. He then proceeds to tease the need for Bitcoin to drop even further, so as to allow him an opportunity to buy the asset at a much lower price.

“Should we buy the dip?

Or is it too small?

Come on guys, we need a better discount here!” said Bukele in a recent tweet.

The concept of buying low and holding till the price of Bitcoin goes higher is one that key players have preached and presented continuously as the least risky and most promising way to hold Bitcoin.

Because maximalists’ views are often tied around the belief that Bitcoin has more upside potential in every market —whether bearish or bullish— the act of holding regardless of how low the prices drop, is an indicator that the holders’ sentiments are bullish in the long term.

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BTCUSD Chart By TradingView

For President Nayib Bukele who has expressed similar views in the past, it is clear where he stands with Bitcoin at this time. Recall that back in September, El Salvador bought an additional 150 Bitcoins, following the selloff that caused Bitcoin to shed $5,000 and sent its price down to $45,000.

Although Bukele’s methods have attracted criticism from many onlookers, his pattern of buying the dip is a bet that could pay off greatly in the long term.

In the past, long-term holders have also seen the most success with Bitcoin. Reports from on-chain analytical platform Glassnode have recorded holders who have not sold their assets for more than 3-years.

Notably, last year, when the price of Bitcoin hit $20,000, these holders saw their asset value surge significantly. However, for institutions and traders, the culture of exiting to avoid a perceived bear trend is normal. But for El Salvador, the question of selling seems to be out of the picture for now.

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6 Common Mistakes of Crypto Beginners – Be Extremely Cautious!



It takes more than diamond hands to succeed in this space

Don’t let yourself be blinded by greed! Photo by Thought Catalog from Unsplash

First rule: Don’t lose money

Second rule: Make money.

And always follow this order.

You’ve heard of people having 100x gains (or more!) on their crypto assets, it sounds amazing, right…

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