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Binamon NFT Game, on the Way to be the Next Axie Infinity on Binance Smart Chain



16th July 2021, Tallinn, Estonia: Contrary to the actual market situation, NFT games have caused all the rage and historical records. Axie Infinity’s success has been overwhelming and its value has increased 20 times during the last months, with a 1 billion dollars cost. This happened because of user’s fever for the ‘Play to Earn’ mode to get money by playing.

Market was shocked by the arrival of a new player in the NFT market, Binamon’s project.

Binamon brought to Blockchain’s world the playing method of Magic and Pokemon. 

Also, the collection of Digital Monsters, these are traded for big amounts of money. The most expensive Binamon in Binance’s marketplace has a value of 7 million dollars.

In just 10 days the value has increased from 2 million marketcap to 20 million marketcap and a fever of new players has flooded Binamon’s metaverse.

The economic model is based on burning BMON (token) each time a Binamon NFT is bought. In this way a deflationary process is produced. On the other hand, in a certain amount of NFT created a halving is created. Users have spent millions of dollars in tokens to produce these NFTs. You can stake this NFT and get passive earnings and, of course, play with them.

We are sure Binamon’s fever has just begun.  





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RippleX Grants $2 Million to Promote NFT Solutions on the XRP Ledger



Ripple may not be the most beloved company in the crypto-verse, but its perseverance and desire to grow despite setbacks is something to be recognized. RippleX, Ripple’s branch focused on boosting the development of technologies around the XRP Ledger, has recently announced its first wave of XRPL grants, and it is embracing the NFT mania. 

According to an official announcement, RippleX distributed $2 million in total value among 25 chosen applicants from 10 different countries. 

NFTs Are The New Battlefront For Ripple’s XRP Army

The main focus of the applications was the development of open-source projects dealing with NFTs on the XRP Ledger or XRPL. 

XRPL encompasses everything we currently consider the XRP ecosystem and is an evolution of the former Ripple Consensus Ledger (RCL). Ripple’s former products, xRapid, xCurrent, and xVia, were, in turn, merged into what is now known as the RippleNet, quickly gathering over 200 customers by 2019.

Although Ripple’s focus point has for long been to offer a fast and cheap payment network, it seems that developers are looking for ways to squeeze the potential out of this blockchain and adapt it to the new times. NFTs are an odd use case for the XRP ecosystem, despite their popularity.


RippleX mentions that it received over a hundred proposals but the most interesting ones focused on the following topics:

  1. The development of NFTs for multiple industries (retail, art, music, sports, digital advertising, and carbon capture).
  2. Learning tools and platforms to build on and interact with the XRPL
  3. Data visualization tools
  4. Payment and security solutions

In the case of implementing compatibility with NFTs, XRPL could considerably increase its user base and could even start serving certain enterprise customers in strategic areas such as identity digitization, advertising models, supply chain, etc.

The Chosen Ones

These were the chosen projects. Each one received a different amount of money:

Aquarelle: This project seeks to build a metaverse on the XRP Ledger. The project aims to create an open-source NFT library, a web-based NFT marketplace, and a WebGL 3D virtual gallery to showcase and interact with NFTs.

Aquarelle is based in Australia but hopes to interact with content creators primarily from India.

Anchain.AI – CISO™ Integration for the XRPL: This project focuses on using NFTs in cybersecurity to develop artificial intelligence used by governments for compliance solutions. AnChain is based in the United States.

Bithompt: An XRPL explorer and toolkit that will be updated to have compatibility with NFTs. Bithomp is located in Sweeden.

CarbonLand Trust ESG NFTs = CO2 Bonds + Forest Conservation: A project that seeks to create NFTs that represent rights on future carbon credits. It is based in the United States.

Clever.Gallery: An NFT gallery and marketplace with NFT explorer functionality. It is based in the USA.

CryptoIso20022 Interop: A startup that seeks to automate the transformation of fiat to crypto payments. It is located in Switzerland.

Cryptum / Blockforce: This project seeks to develop an API/SDK platform for integrating the XRP Ledger with apps. It is located in Brazil.

DART: A digital art platform compatible with NFT on the Ripple Net. It also uses the XRP token as a means of payment in transactions. It is located in Sweeden.

Galaxy: An advertising platform built on the XRPL. It is located in the UK.

Go4Zerps: A Golang SDK to create applications on the XRP Ledger. It is located in the UK.

Ledger City: A 3d visualization platform compatible with tokens on the XRP Ledger. Located in the USA.

Ledger: An initiative that seeks to create an XRP Ledger analysis tool for research, compliance, and risk management. Located in the Netherlands.

NFT Terrace: A platform that seeks to offer football clubs the ability to create NFTs on XRPL. Located in the UK.

Audiotarky: A Music streaming platform compatible with XRP. It will use the NFTs to distribute revenues. Located in the UK.

Peerkat: An NFT platform built on the XRP Ledger. Located in the UK.

Scratch2Hooks: An initiative of the University of Luxembourg to develop smart contracts for the XRP Ledger. Located in Luxembourg.

Trustline: A startup that uses the Flare Network to transfer products between different blockchains. Located in the USA. An NFT marketplace. Located in Switzerland.

Xchange Retail Payments: A DEX / XRP Ledger Gateway. Located in the UK.

xPay: A startup that facilitates XRP transactions through iMessage. Located in the USA.

Node-RED: A Visual programming tool focused on XRPL solutions. Located in the UK

XRPL Rosetta: An XRPL explorer. Located in Chile.

XRP Wallet Tools: a WebApp with support for the creation of NFTs in XRPL. Located in the Philippines.

ZerpCraft: A plugin that will allow the creation of NFTs to represent virtual Real Estate in Minecraft. Located in the USA


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Coinbase wants to be ‘an advisor, a helpful advocate’ for this purpose



“While half of the lawmakers in DC have misconceptions about crypto, the other half have realized that the crypto industry is a huge opportunity….”

If that isn’t ambiguity on the part of United States lawmakers, it would be difficult to say what is.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong touched upon the same in a recent podcast with Anthony Pompliano, with the exec citing his latest visit to the capital to expand on the regulatory uncertainty in the United States.

According to Armstrong, ordinarily, “the intense demand for crypto-industry regulation” is a good thing since it often accompanies the growth of the industry itself.

However, as far as Washington DC is concerned,

“They think ‘this is scary, this is dangerous,’ they have all kinds of misconceptions about the percentage of activity that’s for illicit activities. In their mind, they think it’s like 50% illicit activity.”

Not all lawmakers feel this way though, with quite a few in the Capitol recognizing that the crypto-industry is a huge opportunity.

“They realize this is a hugely important industry for the United States and every country around the world. It exists in a competitive environment where the U.S needs to attract these entrepreneurs and get these companies built here.”

American citizens want these products and services, and crypto is not a fringe thing anymore, he added.

Can the aforementioned concerns be addressed though? Well, yes. According to Coinbase’s own research, for instance, illicit activity accounts for less than 1 percent of all crypto-transactions. In fact, a higher percentage of cash is used for such activities worldwide.

Even so, denying people what they want can have huge repercussions in the future. According to the exec,

“There are tens of millions of Americans that want to use these products and services and they’re getting a benefit from it that they weren’t getting in the traditional financial system.”

An embargo in place?

It’s worth pointing out here that the exec didn’t hold back one bit when characterizing the situation in the United States.

“It’s almost like prohibition, historically. You can’t go out and try to criminalize something 50 million Americans are doing. You’re just going to turn them all into criminals, but they’re not going to stop doing it.”

The fact that these lawmakers have refused to meet with crypto-representatives, including those from Coinbase like Armstrong, further feeds into this notion of criminality.

Next steps…

What next? Well, Coinbase wants to propose a federal regulatory framework and “be an advisor and a helpful advocate for how the U.S. can create sensible regulation.” The expected proposal is set to be presented by the end of the month or early next month. 

How will such a proposal be received, however? Well, it’s difficult to say. After all, Coinbase’s relationship with the SEC recently took a hit after it was threatened with legal action over its planned lending products.

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Ripple CEO Reveals the “Only” Condition Under Which They Would Settle With SEC




The Ripple vs SEC lawsuit is nearing an end and with settlement speculations still quite high, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse cleared the only condition that would make them settle with the SEC. Garlinghouse appeared on the Fox network to talk about the need for clarity on Security laws from the SEC and also made it clear that only if SEC agrees that XRP is not security quite similar to Ether, they would go for the settlement. He explained,

“To the extent, we can find a constructive path forward with the SEC, we, of course, want to find that. There is no scenario though when we going to settle unless there is absolute certainty about what is XRP on a go-forward basis. We have a clear vision of how XRP can be an extremely powerful tool…There’s a lot of other people in the crypto community and the XRP community doing amazing things with XRP. “


The XRP lawsuit is currently at a critical stage where Ripple’s legal counsel is betting on former SEC director William Hinman’s speech from 2018. Ripple has accused SEC of giving Ether, the second-largest cryptocurrency, a free pass which is quite similar to XRP conducted an ICO as well. On the other hand, SEC claims Hinman gave that speech in his personal capacity and it cannot be used as a defence against the agency.

XRP Community Certain Ripple Would Win the Case

XRP community is considered one of the strongest crypto communities out there and they have unearthed a number of documents and speeches made by SEC executives during 2018 after Hinman’s speech to prove that SEC did give Ethereum a free pass. XRP community also accused SEC of personal gains from the decision.

In the latest development of the XRP lawsuit, Ripple has filed a motion to examine three additional documents for in-camera review based on a privilege log provided by the SEC after the August 31, 2021 telephone conference, including an email chain. The email chain in question reportedly shows that SEC asked third parties to use Hinman’s speech to analyze digital assets. This is quite a big revelation given SEC has claimed Hinman’s speech was made in his personal capacity.

XRP community are quite certain that Ripple would win the case given the glaring evidence and number of lies that the SEC has told during the ongoing lawsuit.


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