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Axie Infinity Esports Only Dedicated Server Is Now Live for Tournaments


Axie Infinity Esports Only Dedicated Server Is Now Live for Tournaments News PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence | Vertical Search AI
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Axie Infinity is now ready to host tournaments within the game as its dedicated esports server goes live.

Sky Mavis, the developers of the game said this dedicated server will be deployed while they are scaling the main gaming servers. In this way, guilds and tournament organizers can host events while not straining the servers where more than 1 million users play Axie Infinity. 

5,560 AXS in Axie Infinity Tournament Prizes

The Sky Mavis team originally announced that it will be allotting 5,000 Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) which is equivalent to Php 17,201,050 as of this writing from the play-to-earn allocation pool in prize money for community tournaments taking place this year. The developers expanded this to 5,560 AXS (worth Php 19M) overall to show their support for the 31 events that sent proposals last July 15th – 19th.

According to Sky Mavis Team, the first official Axie Infinity esports event will be the Axie E1337 Open #2 which will start on August 21st. It will continue to monitor the bandwidth and capacity of the server. 

Axie Esports 2021: Event Schedule & AXS Distribution

Please check the most updated schedule here.

Axie Infinity Tournament Organizer Date AXS Prizes Region
Axie E1337 Open #2 Axie.gg August 21-22 100 Global
The Axie MENA Cup Eruine August 27-28 100 MENA
Yield Guild Open YGG August 28-29 300 SEA
AxieJP Community Tournament Axie JP September 2-12 250 Japan
DGG Allstar League DGG September 3-5 150 SA
Axie E1337 Open #3 Axie.gg September 11-12 100 Global
Axie SEA League: Singapore vs Vietnam Blytz Esports September 18-19 100 SEA
BGG Battalion Tournament BGG September 18-19 100 SA
Metaguild Axie Open Metaguild September 21-25 300 SA
Season 2: Lunacian Scholarship League LSL September 25 50 Global
NT Infinity Cup No Tilt September 29 – October 3 200 SA
Loot Squad Scholar Showdown Loot Squad October 2-3 200 SEA
Season 2: Lunacian Scholarship League LSL October 9 50 Global
Lunacian Latin Invitational Block Esports October 9-10 250 SA
Buenos Ares LAN Active Brand October 15 250 Argentina
Axie E1337 Open #4 Axie.gg October 16-17 100 Global
Tbaxie (Torneio Brasileiro) ZoneWorld October 22-23 200 Brazil
Season 2: Lunacian Scholarship League LSL October 23 50 Global
Axie Infinity BEAT Invitational Beat Esports October 30-31 150 NA
Argentina Game Show 2021 Active Brand November 5-7 250 Argentina
Community Gaming Axie Showdown Community Gaming November 6-7 250 Americas
Axie Infinity Thailand Championship 2021 AxieTh November 9-13 250 Thailand
Axie E1337 Open #5 Axie.gg November 13-14 100 Global
GeckoCon Axie Invitational CoinGecko November 16-18 400 Global
AxieUtsav MetaMisfits November 19 160 India
Season 2: Lunacian Scholarship League LSL November 20 50 Global
Axie Arena French Invitational Paris Gaming School November 20-21 300 France
Liga Axie Indonesia AxieIndo November 21-26 250 Indonesia
Galaxie Cup 2021 GamingCo November 27-28 300 Global
NFT_e_League Blockchain Festival Cryptech BCI December 3-5 400 USA

“If all is well in the first month, we will consider giving more event organizers access to the server to run community tournaments later in the year”, said by Sky Mavis Team.

Axie Infinity Surpasses July 2021 Revenue

Axie Infinity has already surpassed its revenue for and it is possible that Axie Infinity can surpass $200M this August, a huge achievement for the whole community.

Also, daily active users (DAU) and Axie holders of Axie Infinity grew by more than 100K+ and 150K+ respectively in just one week according to data posted publicly by the Sky Mavis team.

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