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Arbitrum Price Prediction: ARB Ascends 9% But This Presale Coin Has Roared Past $2 Million Raised


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Arbitrum price surged 11% in the past 24 hours to trade at $0.98 as of 5am EST.

This bull trend is likely to continue, as pointed out by several indicators. Looking at 4-hour ARB/USD charts from TradingView, the 10-day moving average has exceeded the 30-day moving average, forming a golden cross. This indicates bull domination on Arbitrum and the likelihood of a bullish future.

Bulls have also held on to the 24 support level, as the RSI shows, indicating a likely continuous bullish trend. The RSI is hovering around the overbought region as the MACD also moves in the green zone, showing bull domination.

Meanwhile, as Arbitrum remains bullish, Bitcoin Minetrix continues to bag investor confidence with its current BTCMTX presale.

Bitcoin Minetrix Achieves $2.2M in Funding

Bitcoin Minetrix has reached a notable milestone by securing more than $2.2 million in funding, again showing the platform’s growing prominence in decentralized cryptocurrency mining as the project reaches the halfway point of Stage 3.

Bitcoin Minetrix empowers ordinary individuals to engage in BTC mining activities, thus facilitating universal access to this highly profitable industry. It has established itself as a dependable and user-centric platform by eradicating the dangers associated with third-party cloud mining schemes and granting users complete control over their mining operations.

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Warning Against Potential Scams

However, not all is well. Amid the platform’s growing popularity, investors and fans should be wary of any Bitcoin Minetrix frauds. Fraudulent operations have been reported recently, highlighting the need to be vigilant. One may protect themselves from these threats by only sharing public information and verifying it with trusted sources. It is critical to safeguard the community from fraud by promptly reporting suspicious accounts or actions to the authorities.

Bitcoin Minetrix is an excellent example of both reliability and creativity. It’s a simple and safe method to begin. Because it wants to be open and let people decide what to do, it can make the coin mining business better for everyone. Take advantage of the chance to buy early.

New Crypto Mining Platform – Bitcoin Minetrix

Bitcoin Minetrix
  • Audited By Coinsult
  • Decentralized, Secure Cloud Mining
  • Earn Free Bitcoin Daily
  • Native Token On Presale Now – BTCMTX
  • Staking Rewards – Over 100% APY

Bitcoin Minetrix

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