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All Of The Lords Of The Fallen Starting Classes


With every good fantasy RPG, the different types of classes play a key aspect in character creation and playstyle. Here is a full list of all the Lords Of The Fallen starting classes and their abilities.

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All Lords Of The Fallen Classes

  • Blackfeather Ranger – Starting Weapons: Broken Bucket Fist Weapon, Throwing Rocks, and Light armor. A versatile class that leans towards having Agility.

“A member of the elite band of rangers who patrolled the forests of the fief of Kinrangr before a terrible curse born of grief lay waste to their home. An accessible class ideal for those who prefer versatility over a more focused approach.”

  • Condemned – Starting Weapons: Broken Bucket Fist Weapon, Throwing Rocks, and Light armor. Lowest stats of all classes

A wretched prisoner who has suffered indescribable torments, whether there was ever any truth in their guilt or not. A class for those who would rage at fate and throttle adversity with unflinching, blood-soaked hands.

  • Dark Crusader – Starting Weapons: Crusader Greatsword, Crusader Heavy Armor, and Rosary Catalyst. Excels in melee combat, and casting Radiant spells, with high physical defense.

A Paladin of the Dark Crusaders, an elite military order in service to the Church of Orian Radiance, spreading the teachings of the church and Orius via whatever means necessary. A physically powerful class suitable for those who favor a more aggressive approach.

  • Exiled Stalker -Starting Weapons: Two Daggers, Medium Stalker Armor, Throwing Daggers, and Poison salts. A challenging class to start a playthrough with.

“A former imperial assassin, their downfall and subsequent banishment from their homeland have made of them a nomadic cutthroat, killing swiftly and efficiently for nothing more than coin. A challenging class to master, but also a lethally effective one.”

  • Hallowed Knight – Starting Weapons: Short Sword, Knight Shield, Heavy Armor, Grenades, and Healing-over-time consumable.

A stalwart knight whose loyalty to the Cleric and the Hallowed Sentinels is matched only by their determination to destroy Adyr and the Rhogar. A class focused on physical prowess bolstered by Radiance

  • Mournstead Infantry – Starting Weapons:  Spear, Light Shield, Heavy Armor, Throwing Javelins, and Healing-over-time consumable. Agility-scaled weapons than Strength-scaled weapons

A seasoned Mournstead foot soldier whose time in the mud and blood and tumult of battle taught them the value of agility, speed, and keeping the enemy at a distance. A class for those who favor dexterity and light defense over strength and bulkier armor

  • Orian Preacher – Starting Weapons: Hammer, Light Shield, Radiant Catalyst, Healing Radiance Spell, Light Armor, and Small Manastone consumable. A more ranged-based class when compared to close combat.

“A wandering preacher whose unshakeable faith in the divine will of Orius guides their way while they spread his holy light. A physically vulnerable class reliant on Radiance, whether for protection or searing the sinful flesh of heretics.”

  • Partisan – Starting Weapons: Flail, Knight Shield, Crossbow, Heavy Armor, and Unripe Berries. Comes with a good balance of mixed stats.

“A dutiful Mournstead fighter whose sorrow at the ruination of their kingdom by occupying forces only fuels their defiant struggle in its name, whether fighting up-close with their steel flail or from range with a crossbow. A strong and dependable all-rounder class.”

  • Pyric Cultist – Starting Weapons: Cultist Staff Polearm, Rhogar Catalyst, Infernal Orb Spell, Medium Armor, and Small Manastone Consumable. The class comes with a two-digit bonus on Inferno.

“A fervent worshipper of Adyr who has sworn to see the natural order finally restored and humanity’s one true god return to his rightful place as their ruler. A high-risk class reliant on proficiency in Inferno.”

  • Udirangr Warwolf – Starting Weapons: Long Sword, Throwing Axes, Medium Armor, Fire Salts. Deals massive damage with Strength-scaling weapons.

“A hardened champion from the land of Udirangr who has proven themselves worthy of their people’s honored rank of Warwolf by completing the requisite ancient trial, one which few survive. A devastating but lightly armored class driven by raw strength, for good or ill”

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