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All 2023 LCS Summer Split Rosters: Confirmed & Rumored


The LCS 2023 Midseason break has arrived and with that fans will be wanting a roster tracker to see what moves their team makes. The rumor wheel is already swirling, with some teams already announcing major moves. That said, more moves will certainly be coming. To keep up with everything here is a constantly updating piece with the 2023 LCS Summer Split Rosters and rumors surrounding them.

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Rosters will show the latest 2023 LCS Summer Split Rosters until changes are made or the players are confirmed for their respective positions by the team.

100 Thieves

Top: Ssumday

Jng: Closer

Mid: Quid

Bot: Doublelift

Sup: Busio


Top: Fudge

Jng: Blaber


Bot: Berserker

Sup: Zven


Top: Rich

Jng: Santorin*

Mid: Jensen*

Bot: Tomo*


Evil Geniuses

Top: Revenge

Jng: Armao

Mid: Jojopyun

Bot: Unforgiven

Sup: Eyla


Top: Impact*

Jng: Spica*

Mid: VicLa*

Bot: Prince*

Sup: Vulcan

Golden Guardians

Top: Licorice*

Jng: River*

Mid: Gori*

Bot: Stixxay*

Sup: huhi* 


Top: Solo

Jng: Kenvi*

Mid: Bolulu*

Bot: Tactical*

Sup: Treatz


Top: Dhokla*

Jng: Contractz*

Mid: Palafox*

Bot: FBI

Sup: IgNar

Team Liquid

Top: Summit*

Jng: Pyosik*

Mid: Haeri*

Bot: Yeon*

Sup: CoreJJ*


Top: Hauntzer

Jng: Bugi

Mid: Ruby/Fenix

Bot: WildTurtle

Sup: Chime

Keep in mind that some of these are rumors and not official. With MSI over, teams will likely be making announcements for their rosters as the start of the Split gets closer. Once players are announced, changes will be made to this article. Also NRG was originally supposed to be keeping the CLG branding for the 2023 Summer Split before moving over to NRG for 2024 but that has potentially changed. Anything seen for NRG should also be considered for CLG.

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