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AI-Powered Israeli ‘Cyber Dome’ Defense Operation Comes to Life


Israel is rapidly developing a cyber defense system to address emerging digital threats and protect its critical infrastructure.

Modeled on Israel’s Iron Dome defense air defense system, the Cyber Dome has been developed to include generative AI platforms to help filter out genuine threats from the sea of threat intelligence and cyberattack claims that the country parses every day.

According to media reports, it will be staffed by practitioners from various governmental departments, including the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) intelligence Unit 8200, the J6 and Cyber Defense Directorate within the IDF, cyber units of Mossad and Shin Bet, and the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

Gaby Portnoy, director general of the Israel National Cyber Directorate, told The Week that the various departments will work with the Israel National Cyber Directorate, with the latter doing “the internal work.” Private companies and research organizations will also participate.

Plans were originally announced in summer 2022, but Cyber Dome development is now being advanced in light of the Gaza conflict, Portnoy said. No specific details regarding the mechanisms and tools of the cyber defense system have yet been provided to the public.

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