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About Us 

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to visit our Open Beta. The Beta was launched in April 2020 and designed to provide you with a free and efficient way of finding and accessing sector-specific data intelligence in a no advertising environment. 


Our vision goes beyond the conventional as we were created to disrupt the current financial data marketplace.  By employing a completely new methodology related to Vertical Search and Data Intelligence, we enable deep and authentic connectivity to those macro and micro-events that drive every sector. 

Welcome to Plato Open Intelligence. Simplifying the Complex.

Immersive & Verticalized Data Intelligence

Plato creates a completely new immersive experience to access and analyze sector-specific intelligence via a powerful and Ai powered Search Engine. The system design, architecture, and marketing solution fuse together real-time financial data via specific data streams, aggregated content, and Business Intelligence (BI/FI) Applications into a dynamic and customizable interactive interface. The modularity of our framework allows our development team to quickly build new data streams in the form of plug-in utility applications to drive both user consumption and engagement. The platform is designed to provide an ultra-safe and secure environment to consume sector-specific real-time data intelligence through intuitive and content-rich user experience. We currently translate and index real-time our data across 25 languages and 25 Sectors.  

Plato Data Engine

Our data engine utilizes the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide deep sector relevant data through vetted and consensus-driven consensus-driven search.

Automated System Design for Scalability and Validation 

Public and private data sources are organized and information is layered with contextualized and validated data sets for both authentic data engagements with an exceptional user-driven experience.

Hashtagging Consensus Driven Data

Our proprietary Hashtagging engine dives deep into the DNA of industry to tag and track the most relevant data our users demand while automation creates backlinks as consensus-driven content and intelligence. Our entire Search engine is built on new framework automation that drives and exceptional user experience.  Since our inception and the beginning of our development, we are constantly upgrading our core framework platform to deliver higher performance, scale, and security across all our applications. 

Corporate Culture

Our corporate culture is about innovation and our platform was conceived as a dynamic way of accessing vertical intelligence across today’s most relevant technology sectors

Thanks for stopping by. Our Beta was launched in April 2020 and designed to provide you with a free and efficient way of finding and accessing sector-specific data intelligence in a no advertising environment.

Open Beta:

Corporate Offices

Plato Technologies Inc

144 East 44th St

New York NY 10017

Email & Press Contact

Bryan Feinberg / CEO

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