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83 Students To Study Bitcoin Development in Summer of Bitcoin


  • 83 students out of 20317 applicants are chosen to study Bitcoin development.
  • The students will be mentored by 60 professionals.
  • Students are coming from 15 different countries.

A new project is being prepared to help university students learn more about Bitcoin and its development, CoinQuora has learned.

Summer of Bitcoin 2022 is now announced officially as a new program with 29 open-source bitcoin projects, with 60 open-source bitcoin developers and designers as mentors, who have already chosen their students.

The program received 20317 applicants at first, yet 83 students got accepted, which is a total of 0.4% of the applicants. Out of 83 students selected, 9 students will contribute to open-source bitcoin design and 74 students will contribute code.

Summer of Bitcoin 2022 announced the news in a tweet on their official Twitter account

They also said in another tweet that Coinbase, the crypto exchange, was one of the sponsors along with other companies such as Spiral, Ledger, Marathon and others. As in the announcement, all students will receive an equivalent of $3000 in Bitcoin as they finish the project.

Selected students came from 15 different countries that include Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Italy, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Singapore, Poland, and the United States.

All 83 students will be paired with a mentor to begin planning their projects and milestones. As for the first few weeks, students will get acquainted with their mentor, engage with the project’s open-source community, and finalize their project plans. Work will be beginning on May 23, continuing through the summer until August 15.

The project will also use students’ knowledge and ideas to develop Bitcoin and work on enhancing the crypto industry in general.

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  • Source: https://coinquora.com/83-students-to-study-bitcoin-development-in-summer-of-bitcoin/

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