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5 Crypto Side Hustles You Can Do To Earn Extra Money


  • Engaging in crypto-related side hustles not only allows individuals to tap into this digital economy but also offers the potential for financial freedom.
  • If you are considering giving side hustles a shot, you should have knowledge about blockchain technology and communication skills, and be creative and adaptive.

Determined. Committed. Hard-working. 

If you could ask me about the common characteristics of crypto natives, these three are definitely at the top. It is like the crypto market has already trained us to find the best opportunities to build and earn in this space, despite the bear and winter. 

From crypto trading to NFTs to blockchain games, there are definitely a number of possibilities for making a living.

And with more entities embracing this technology, more manpower is undoubtedly needed. However, we must acknowledge the fact that only a few people are still convinced to engage in this web3 community. 

In fact, Statistica shows that about 4% of the global population only owns crypto. This causes more crypto natives to take part-time jobs to fulfill this industry’s demand. 

Moreover, engaging in crypto-related side hustles not only allows individuals to tap into this digital economy but also offers the potential for financial freedom. And in this industry where we are pushing for cryptocurrencies to be an alternative to traditional financial systems, it is normal to receive crypto as a token of thanks. 

When we talk about our assets, one of the tips for managing our portfolio is to diversify it. And of course, another good idea for diversifying our portfolios is to have different sources of crypto income. 

In this article, discover the skills needed to take on side hustles in this digital economy. Look into the possible opportunities that this industry offers to earn crypto without spending a single dime. 

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Essential Skills to Take Crypto Side Hustles, a Guide

If you are considering giving side hustles a shot, one of the most important things you should have is knowledge about blockchain technology. Of course, crypto-related side hustles require you to understand the basic concepts of the technology, know the technicalities, and be familiar with crypto natives’ language, like WAGMI, HODL, BUIDL, and most importantly, GM. 

Having communication skills is also a must. To be honest, this cryptocurrency is just a small world. One day, you will be surprised that the one you met at the recent event is the one you connect with on Twitter, and you have no idea because most crypto natives set their PFP NFTs as display pictures on Twitter. So learn to connect with people; you do not know what entity will open an opportunity, or what community will ask for your service. Engage with like-minded professionals and join local crypto and blockchain communities to share knowledge, learn from others, and make valuable connections.

Lastly, be creative and adaptive. This industry is fast-paced, so learn to adopt each and every new terminology or make sure to quickly understand the emerging technologies surrounding the space. Think creatively also about how to use blockchain technology to attract various sectors. Learn how to explain this industry to a seven-year-old child, as we all know that in every market cycle, more and more beginners are being onboarded in this crypto world. 

Affiliate Marketer: Earn Crypto While Onboarding More

If you are friendly enough and marketing is your passion, this might be for you. An affiliate marketer is someone who promotes the products and services of an entity, mostly exchanges and NFT marketplaces, and then earns a commission for every successful transaction. 

Though more companies tend to generalize affiliate services to referral programs, there are still organizations that look for affiliate marketers as part-time employees. 

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There are also affiliate marketers that are tasked with only promoting the company, with or without successful referrals, on their social media accounts. Create a Twitter thread about this exchange’s new promo, post articles that explain the advantages of using this platform, and even actively like and share the company’s posts on different social media platforms. 

Crypto Angel: Earn Crypto While Guiding Beginners

One of the tips to earn free crypto this year is by joining learn-and-earn programs, where you have to watch videos or read articles, then earn crypto by completing a module or doing certain tasks, like answering quizzes. If you are passionate about teaching beginners what you have learned through these programs, you might be a crypto angel. 

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Crypto angels, or crypto tutors, are those who teach the fundamentals of blockchain, crypto, crypto trading, NFT minting, and more industry-related topics to beginners and enthusiasts. 

Most web3 firms, like exchanges, crypto projects, and NFT marketplaces, look for these angels to help them answer the questions that are usually not answered in learn-and-earn programs. 

Technically, crypto angels are not official employees of a company, but they are part of its community. One of the most famous is the Binance Angel Program.

Community Manager: Earn Crypto While Building a Community

Most web3 projects, NFT collections, blockchain gaming guilds, and crypto-focused entities have their own communities—in Telegram, Discord, or Facebook groups. If you are a good leader and a servant to a group with a common interest, this might be for you. 

A community manager is someone who is responsible for building, growing, and managing an online community. Community managers selflessly share their knowledge and passion to create content, or “pakulo,” to generate buzz and foster loyalty in the community.

Event Host: Earn Crypto While Bringing Entertainment

NGL, this industry has never been boring. Why? It has many events. Meetups, Twitter Spaces, Conferences, Webcasts, Summits, Hackathons—you name it—a handful of web3 events happen every week, whether IRL or online. 

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If you have a fascinating voice and experience having deep conversations, this might be for you. 

An event host, or an emcee, is someone who is set to be the master of the ceremony, who welcomes the guests, creates a positive atmosphere, and directs the flow of conversation. For Twitter Spaces, you can be a host; for panel discussions and fireside chats, you can be the moderator; or you can be one of the panelists. 

Content Writer: Earn Crypto While Doing Your Passion

There are times when we can release our thoughts through writing alone. If you can express yourself more in writing, this might be for you. 

A content writer is someone who writes articles, blogs, newsletters, and even marketing documents like scripts, captions, and promotional slogans. 

Technically, you are not an official employee of a publication, but you are part of the community that engages with and contributes to the content creation of the platform. 

Closing Thoughts

Indeed, crypto-related side hustles offer flexibility and convenience. Unlike traditional part-time jobs, these side hustles can be pursued from the comfort of one’s own home, allowing individuals to work at their own pace and according to their schedule, because, as you know, we are in the “DECENTRALIZED” industry. 

Again, having crypto-related side hustles will offer you financial freedom. By just sharing your knowledge, empowered by your determination and talent, you can have more earning possibilities outside your day job. 

Aside from this, you can definitely help expand this industry. The idea of decentralization is hard to accept among the common people. Thus, producing outcomes from side hustles that promote the industry while earning crypto is a win-win situation. 

So, take the leap and embrace the possibilities that crypto-related side hustles offer. Start educating yourself, take calculated risks, and explore the opportunities that abound in the crypto world. Remember, the crypto world is constantly evolving, so stay updated and adapt to the changing landscape. Thus, do not let this digital revolution pass you by—-act now and unlock the door to financial independence through crypto-related side hustles!

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