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2local Native Coin 2LC Will Be Listed On Bitrue Exchange On The 1st Of June

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2Local is an eco-conscious fintech company from the Netherlands. The company is getting more recognition in the crypto/blockchain space as 2local continues to reach new milestones on its roadmap again and again to deliver what has been promised. Many milestones have already been reached. The last one was attained on the 11th of April when the 2local demo DeFi crypto exchange went live. On the 1st of June, 2local will deliver another promise – the 2local native coin 2LC will be listed on one of the fastest-growing crypto exchanges. This achievement has plenty of benefits, one of which is that it will act as a trampoline for 2local to be listed on Tier 1 crypto exchanges. And much more than that!

2local is a FinTech company with a global eco-friendly mission

The 2local loyalty platform aims to achieve a sustainable world with prosperity for all. The company introduced a cashback system that supports sustainable and local-to-local working businesses and makes their products available to everyone.

The eco-friendly system serves as a podium for fostering thriving communities, societal growth for all and a sustainable world, beyond the current malfunctioning monetary and economic system. It makes a significant contribution to prosperity for everyone, worldwide.

2local can be compared to social banking, but without inflation, which is an intertwined product of centralized financing.

Features of the 2local platform

Users of 2local can get cashback from their participation on the platform. This cashback is generated from the profit of Yield Farms and Staking Pools. 2local doesn’t profit from its users but creates value with its users.

The 2local platform has or will have the following features:

  • Payment app with exchange options
  • Marketplace with connected companies in app
  • Debit card
  • Decentralized multi-currency wallet
  • Cashback system for locally or sustainable working companies.

More benefits of 2local

  • 8 billion 2LC tokens built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Audited by CertiK (official Binance partner) with an excellent score of 95/100
  • Full Hybrid Exchange (Swap)
  • Yield Farms
  • Staking Pools
  • Payment Service

Problems that 2local tackles and solutions it offers

Problem 1: Profits of the rich and powerful! A small number of giant corporations, financial institutions and billionaires have amassed enormous wealth by operating in global financial markets at the expense of society as a whole.

Solution: 2 local stands for global sustainability and prosperity for everyone by introducing a new digital currency system to which a cashback system is linked. This makes local and sustainable purchases accessible to everyone. The participation of each individual is made possible by the smart design of a digital currency suitable for consumers and connected companies, built on innovative blockchain technology.

Problem 2: Inequality! The neoliberal economy led by a limited number of industrialists, wealthy globalists, and corporate shareholders shaped the course of global events with a focus solely on profit. They manipulate the direction of international policy, increasing inequality in the world. Many people therefore live in poverty and suffer from hunger. The elite group wants the status quo to continue.

Solution: 2local is transforming the system created by powerful companies into strengthening local communities. 2local strives for accessibility for everyone, not just people with purchasing power. Digital coins are available to everyone, including people in the poor and emerging countries, who currently do not have access to the traditional banking system. A cashback system developed by 2local makes its ecosystem sustainable and local products accessible to everyone.

Problem 3: Power in the hands of multinationals! Multinational corporations produce where labor and raw materials are cheapest and then market their products where purchasing power is greatest. They ignore the consequences for society. Likewise, private banks create money out of thin air by lending and increasing both public and private debt. Those debts must, of course, be repaid and with substantial interest. So as long as this economic growth model continues, the debt will only increase, which could result in global economic and financial collapse.

Solution: 2local plans to transform the current repressive economic and financial system into a more cooperative one, targeting local businesses and consumers, facilitated by its cryptocurrency. This initiative unleashes a small-scale, sustainable and local movement worldwide. Instead of competition, which will only give more power and profit to giant companies, 2local will promote local and sustainable partnerships. The marketplace on the websites of the connected companies will easily connect consumers with producers. This allows local communities to stay connected worldwide.

Bitrue Exchange

Bitrue is one of the fastest growing crypto exchanges. Despite being less widely known, it ranks among the largest 70 crypto exchanges on Coinmarketcap. The Bitrue exchange has a focus on trading cryptocurrencies. Market professionals and blockchain enthusiasts founded the exchange with a mission to provide crypto traders with a safe and easy way to trade cryptocurrencies.

The benefits of the partnership between 2local and Bitrue

The cooperation between 2local and Bitrue will contribute to 2local’s mission, as described in this article. The users can easily buy 2 local coins on one of the most secure crypto exchanges.

In addition, the listing of 2local coins on Bitrue will open doors to Tier 1 crypto exchanges. Most exchanges and other 2local partners require the 2local token to be listed on the mid exchanges before the token can be listed on the top exchanges. 2local’s recent partner Simplex also requires this before they can enable their services to buy cryptocurrencies on Tier 1 exchanges.

Further events that will follow the listing

  • 2local will also list its token on the exchanges, where its IEO was issued: ExMarkets, LATOKEN and P2P.
  • 2 local accounts are swapped from Stellar 2LC to BEP20 2LC at the same time.
  • A Staking Pool with high rewards is available to the users.
  • After listing, the path to Tier 1 exchanges opens.

Participate in the revolutionary mission of 2local and be part of the innovation they are about to bring in the world of blockchain and crypto.

Learn More about 2local:

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Twitter :
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Medium :

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How Many Bitcoin U-Turns? Goldman Sachs Now Says Bitcoin Is Not a Viable Investment

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The US multinational investment bank Goldman Sachs continues with its 180-turns on the cryptocurrency industry. After its recent interest that included filing for a Bitcoin ETF and exploring crypto as an asset class, the institutions’ latest report said virtual currencies are not a “viable investment.”

Crypto Is Not a Viable Investment: Goldman

It’s safe to say that Goldman Sachs has displayed a controversial approach to the cryptocurrency space. The latest report coming from the Wall Street giant takes it back a notch by going to its hostile policy from previous years.

Titled “Digital Assets: Beauty Is Not in the Eye of the Beholder,” it touched upon some of the most recent concerns, including high energy consumption required in the process of mining. This topic was raised in May by Tesla’s Elon Musk, who criticized BTC for using too much coal fuel.

Despite numerous reports claiming otherwise, Tesla disabled bitcoin payments citing environmental issues.

The paper also touched upon cryptocurrencies’ usage in ransomware attacks after numerous hacks transpired on US soil in recent months. After each, the perpetrators indeed requested the payments to be sent in bitcoin.


Furthermore, the document named impending regulations as the “biggest risk to the speculative aspects of this ecosystem.” Keeping in mind all of these concerns, the bank concluded:

“After analyzing various valuation methodologies and applying our multi-factor strategic asset allocation model, we have concluded that cryptocurrencies are no a viable investment for our clients’ diversified portfolios.”

How Many U-Turns?

The mentioned-above word ‘controversial’ might not be strong enough to describe Goldman’s ever-changing views on the industry.

The institution was among the first regulated entity to launch a crypto trading desk all the way back in 2017. Yet, that came amid the parabolic price increases, and when the year-long bear market followed, Goldman halted the initiative.

In the meantime, Goldman held a conference call in which it said bitcoin is not an asset class. Bank executives repeatedly questioned BTC’s ability to serve as a reliable store of value and blasted its volatility.

Yet again, Goldman restarted the trading desk this year when, once again, prices were skyrocketing to new highs. It also filed for a Bitcoin ETF with the SEC, explored launching custody services, added BTC to its year-to-date returns report, participated in investment rounds in crypto projects, and enabled clients to trade bitcoin derivatives.

With all of that in mind, it’s not such a surprise that Alex Kruger and other crypto community members viewed Goldman’s latest U-turn as nothing out of the ordinary.


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The Difference Between a Cryptocurrency Broker and an Exchange

social trading

The post The Difference Between a Cryptocurrency Broker and an Exchange appeared first on Coinpedia – Fintech & Cryptocurreny News Media| Crypto Guide

There are two main ways of cryptocurrency trading: the use of a crypto exchange or the service of a cryptocurrency broker. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. To make the right choice, it is necessary to explore the peculiarities of each of them and determine your own requirements and expectations from trading.   Although the cryptocurrency …

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There are two main ways of cryptocurrency trading: the use of a crypto exchange or the service of a cryptocurrency broker. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. To make the right choice, it is necessary to explore the peculiarities of each of them and determine your own requirements and expectations from trading.  

Although the cryptocurrency market is not a novelty for the world, there are still a lot of traders, including both newbies and experienced ones, who do not understand the difference between a cryptocurrency broker and an exchange. 

First, it is necessary to determine a significant difference in the very essence and purposes of both methods. 

Thus, it should be mentioned that cryptocurrency exchanges are very similar to regular exchange platforms. So, this way of cryptocurrency trading would be simple for those traders who have already worked with the exchange market. All quality cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Emirex, offer users two methods of purchasing the digital currency: to buy  a cryptocurrency for fiat and to exchange one currency for another (for example, BTC for ETH). 

So, cryptocurrency exchanges function as intermediaries. They arrange the deal and charge a fee for the service.

Meanwhile, a cryptocurrency broker is an intermediary between investors and the market. When you cooperate with a broker, you deposit funds in an intermediary’s account, and then, he/she decides what to do with your finances to bring you profits. 

Therefore, if you choose the service of a broker, you do not need to study the cryptocurrency market on your own and follow all changes. Your cryptocurrency broker will propose the best deals for you.

There are several main characteristics that differentiate the service of a cryptocurrency exchange from the support of a broker:

  • Registration and identification system
  • Account replenishment and withdrawal
  • Trading procedure
  • Security system 
  • Earnings 

Registration and Identification System 

The majority of exchanges provide quite a simple registration procedure. Traders just need to put in their email and create a password. Those platforms that work with fiat require a verification process as well. Exchanges ask for your picture with your ID, video call, pass KYC, etc. 

Brokers offer easy registration as well, but almost all of them need you to pass an identification procedure. It is important for them because their activity is regulated by authorized bodies.  

Account Replenishment and Withdrawal 

A lot of exchanges do not accept fiat for cryptocurrency trading, and those that use it, usually, charge a large commission. The commission is necessary regardless of the payment method.

Meanwhile, brokers offer you more options for replenishment and withdrawal (credit and debit cards, bank account, payment systems, etc.), and, generally, commissions are not charged at all.   

Trading Procedure 

Exchanges are great platforms for small volume trading. Moreover, exchanges are often used by holders who are interested in long-term and medium-term deals.

Broker maintenance is appropriate for large volume trading. It is quite popular among speculative traders who prefer to get profits in a short time. 

Security System 

Of course, the risk of a hacker attack is present in both trading methods. However, a broker activity is more reliable today than an exchange service because brokers are regulated by authorities.

In case of hacking and theft of funds, traders who work with brokers can expect to be compensated.


Exchanges engage traders with the diversity of digital currency pairs. However, such access to every proposition on the market requires traders to pay large commissions. 

From their side, brokers provide lower commissions, but they trade large sums; so, in case of an unsuccessful deal, there is a risk of losing too much. 

All in all, both methods are beneficial. It is just necessary to determine your individual interests on the cryptocurrency market. 

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Are Solana, KAVA, Maker, Polkadot good bets in this timeframe?

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One of the market’s top institutional investors, Grayscale, has updated its list of investments in cryptocurrencies, adding 13 new altcoins to its portfolio. From Solana [SOL] to Polygon [MATIC] and KAVA, Grayscale’s new investments have introduced an inflow to several altcoins that have rallied since the beginning of 2021. Though their addition to Grayscale’s portfolio has turned the market sentiment bullish, there are other factors driving their price rally too.

In the case of SOL, the rapidly growing ecosystem of projects makes traders bullish in the long term. SOL’s price has risen as high as $38 while trade volume dropped by nearly 40% in 24 hours. A drop in trade volume could be interpreted as an accumulation and the beginning of a price rally.

To get started with DeFi and NFT ecosystems and projects, more traders are signing up for SOL and there has been a consistent increase in the number of active traders. Additionally, several oracle networks like Switchboard are bringing feeds to the Solana Mainnet. This has increased the popularity of Solana, making it mainstream and increasing the demand across exchanges.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Similarly, in the case of KAVA, MKR, and DOT, the social volume seems to be signaling an upcoming price rally. KAVA’s top features make it rewarding for traders to accumulate since the network fees are optional and rewards are relatively high, with the same recently hitting an ATH too.

What’s more, KAVA has emerged as one of the most rewarding DeFi projects since the beginning of 2021, with the same seeing a hike in trade volume and market capitalization. The said hike is also indicative of increasing demand across spot exchanges.

Grayscale is known for exploring new potential products and this may have driven them to consider the trending altcoins of 2021. However, considering these altcoins, in particular, signals the potential for relatively high short-term ROIs. Since the beginning of 2021, the market capitalization of these altcoins has increased consistently.

In the past week itself, the market capitalization has increased by over 20% for altcoins like DOT, MKR, and KAVA. MKR has emerged as a top volume gainer several times over the past two weeks and this makes it further lucrative for altcoin traders to buy MKR for relatively high short-term ROIs. MKR, KAVA, DOT, and SOL are likely to rally based on these metrics.

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